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Finally! Scientists find the body's single most damaging element...

Here's how you can remove it to start self-healing instead of self-destructing.

Harvard, Stanford, Yale, John Hopkins, Duke University Hail The Newest Way To Treat The Whole Body At One Time...

Talk about an online uproar! The ultra-conservative Dr. Toby Cosgrove, Chief Executive at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, sparked an online firestorm when he published an article saying, “the old way of combating chronic disease hasn’t worked.” That’s a big statement coming from one of the top MD- CEO’s in history...

Now we know why and what to do instead. It’s a new way of healing that shifts the body from self-destructing to self-healing, and it’s proven to quickly heal virtually any health condition.

It helps your body be healthier overall, so that every cell and system can better fight any health threat, including pandemics. In these times, you want to do everything in your power to build your health up, and this is one of the best ways to get and stay healthy.

This incredibly powerful new way to heal and maintain your best health has not only developed into two new medical fields, for the first time…

Even the most prestigious medical centers – such as Stanford, Yale, Duke, and Harvard University – are regularly treating patients using what was once a very unconventional way of healing.

In fact, Duke University Medical Center is using it to treat health conditions that couldn’t be “cured” before… and they’re doing it in as little as one session.

How is this possible?!

We’ve finally found the body’s single most damaging element from an invisible system that we’re just now able to see for the first time…

Better yet, we also now know how to remove it.

Thanks to the most powerful microscopes and leaps in Quantum Physics, we’re able to clearly see an “invisible system” of energy in the body… and systematically move (and remove) harmful "internal stress energy" that damages every cell and system in the body.

I’ll warn you though… what you’re about to discover is lightyears ahead of medical treatment as you’ve known it.

This healing is both ancient AND futuristic.

It encompasses the world’s top 12 most powerful healing methods of all time – combined into one.

Each of the 12 different healing methods have been proven and tested for decades – and they work. Some have been used as far back at 3,500 years ago! So really, there's nothing new with respect to the healing methods themselves.

What IS NEW is that, for the first time, all 12 of these healing methods have been combined into one all-new healing therapy – with extraordinary and exponential healing potential that we haven't had access to, until now.

And the best part is... it can now be used in a customized way to heal a specific condition – practically on the spot.

Either way, we’re witnessing “whole body healing” like we’ve never seen before…

In fact…

Now you can heal the SOURCE of virtually any problem you can name…

For more than 30 years, doctors and scientists have known that a certain kind of “internal stress energy” not only ages you faster…

As more stress energy gets stored and moves throughout your body over time, it becomes the source of 95% of all human disease and dysfunction. And that's because this kind of stress not only damages cells, tissues, and systems, it greatly affects your immune system.

Most medical doctors agree that the immune system is capable of healing anything if it's not suppressed by stress. That's why today, with the outbreak of the coronavirus, people are hearing how critical the immune system is, and many are afraid they might be "immuno-compromised."

No doubt, some people are better able to fight off sickness and disease. For example, out of 100 who are exposed to a virus, 40-60 will get it and 60-40 will not. What makes the difference? YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. It depends on whether your immune system is low, medium, or high functioning. And the #1 thing that compromises your immune system – and every other system in your body – is your internal stress energy.

But now, thanks to a massive breakthrough, there's a way to reduce internal stress to almost zero, and in doing so “reset” your systems to as close to perfect health as possible.

This discovery shows that whole body health is achieved through your body’s energy, not your cells and tissues.

Image of Dr Eric Nestler.

"Harnessing this knowledge may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness because it offers the potential for actually correcting the abnormality. For many diseases, treatments today aren't much better than Band-Aids. They address the disease's symptoms, but not its cause," said Dr. Eric Nestler, MD, PhD, Yale University, past Director of the Division of Molecular Psychiatry at Yale, and the recipient of many distinguished honorary awards in medicine and research.

The discovery that true health and wellness lies within the body's energy system is changing the way we’re able to treat virtually ALL human dysfunction.

Even better, a world-renowned Stanford Physicist showed that eliminating the source of your body's unhealthy energy is 98% effective in making you healthier in just a few minutes…

And even healthier the next day… until YOUR best version of perfect health is achieved. This can help to improve any physical, mental or emotional issue you’re battling.

Hard to believe but it’s true…

In fact, this this new way of overcoming any health condition works like nothing else could before because…

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We’re as close to being able to wipe your health slate clean and reset “the whole you” towards perfect health as we’ve ever been...

For the first time, we’re able to reduce the body’s most damaging element - which is stored stress energy - practically down to zero.

And at the same time, stimulate the most critical building blocks of life itself, which the body MUST HAVE to heal AND to not get sick in the first place.

Real people (not mice) are experiencing complete freedom from virtually every health condition – including “mystery illnesses” and previously “incurable” conditions that impact millions of lives every day.

Today you can clear and heal this invisible system that we now know is behind most of the body’s debilitating conditions, including:

Depression, anxiety, anger, and all emotional and mental health issues…

Brain fog, focus difficulties, headaches, memory problems, and other brain-related issues…

Chronic low energy and just feeling “off” some days...

Stiff, achy joints, tight muscles, and other musculoskeletal issues…

Pain of all kinds, coming from virtually any source...

Even sexual problems including low libido, erectile dysfunction, and male and female hormonal imbalances...

And especially the biggest Stage 4 conditions that steal so many lives (note actual cases throughout this page)...

What does all this mean for YOU?

For the first time, we’re seeing that getting as close to perfect health restoration in all parts of you is not only possible, but can happen rather easily when you...

Change Your Health By Changing Your Energy...

Moving your internal energy from self-destructing to self-healing isn’t just the newest way to heal… it’s the next generation of standard medical practice in the United States.

It’s about time Western science finally proved that an actual energy system not only exists in the human body, but can be used to treat virtually any health condition.

And now, the acceptance that each of us has a personal mix of unhealthy versus healthy energy that affects every part of your body is changing the way we approach ongoing and “untreatable” health conditions.

In fact, there’s so much potential to heal the WHOLE BODY through the human energy system that we now have two new medical fields, called Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

For over 3,500 years, Eastern medicine has been tapping into this human energy system to heal.

Now, Harvard Medical School has one of the largest Energy Medicine research programs in the country, and almost every major medical institution in the country has programs that specifically treat the energy system.

This system has been medically mapped to identify each “meridian” vessel and “acupoint” that can be cleared and stimulated to “adjust” a person's energy for better physical, mental, and emotional health.

The ultimate approach to healing is to remove the abnormalities at the energy level which led to the manifestation of illness in the first place. It’s the ultimate preventive medicine which will correct destructive energy imbalances before overt illnesses ever develop.

Dr. Richard Gerber, MD Internal Medicine, SanFrancisco, CA

How does it feel when you change your body’s energy from unhealthy to healthy?

Moving energy in the body is actually easy, and you don’t need to pay a trained practitioner anymore because now you can do it yourself!

The U.S. National Institute of Health has proven that, “The subtle energy in the human energy system can be easily modulated by your own hands. Human touch alone can therapeutically assess and treat energetic imbalances, bringing the body’s systems back to homeostasis (perfect balance).”

It takes only a few minutes to adjust your own energy and experience a wonderful lightness almost immediately.

This type of shifting typically gives your body just what you need...

For example, if you're generally a low-energy or tired person, you'll likely experience a noticeable increase in energy, but not jittery.

If you're generally stressed out, you'll likely feel calmer, and more steady.

You’ll likely experience a profound sense of peace and ease after eliminating blocked and stagnant energy that has been literally weighing you down.

It’s as if you’ve given your entire body an “energy detox.”

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As your body shifts into this incredible state of harmony and balance, you’ll begin to notice that your:

  • Stress goes away
  • Emotions are balanced
  • Thoughts are positive
  • Balance, emotional well-being, and harmony is restored
  • Health improves towards “perfect health”

In fact, since all of your other systems are directly affected by your energy system, once you change your body’s energy from unhealthy to healthy...

You can feel better in seconds…

It’s TRUE!

Hundreds of clinical studies show that correcting the health of your energy system quickly improves the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process.

Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Dr. Rick Leskowitz said, the ability to change the energy in your body is the most impressive intervention we’ve encountered in 25 years of work.

It alleviates everything from depression and pain to insomnia and arthritis… plus issues with weight, sleep, sex, and countless other mental, emotional, and physical problems… including 100 different conditions listed by medical centers such as the University of California, San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine.

According to Gary Schwartz, Harvard PhD, former Yale professor of psychology and psychiatry and director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center, professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery...

Science has revealed our natural power to heal by manipulating energy fields to cure the body. Though I was originally taught that such healing miracles do not and can not happen, the fact is that they do.

Gary Schwartz, Harvard PhD

Let’s take a closer look into how this Invisible System miraculously restores balance and moves you as close to YOUR perfect health as possible...

Heal the invisible system that affects your entire body

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner.”

Do you remember in high school science class when you learned that everything is made of molecules and molecules give off energy? Your body is no different.

According to Kathy Turner, director of Stanford University’s Healing Touch program, our bodies are not only surrounded by an invisible field of energy... our bodies themselves are a denser form of energy."

And even though you can't see it, your internal energy is affecting every part of you, every second of the day.

The human energy system is much like any other system in the body.

Just like your vascular system carries blood…

Your respiratory system circulates oxygen…

Your nervous center sends electrical impulses...

YOUR ENERGY SYSTEM moves energy through your entire body.

It energetically connects the different systems with each other and supplies them with the vital “life-energy” they must have to stay healthy and balanced.

Since energy is always moving, it’s essential that your entire system stay open, balanced, and healthy. If there is a blockage, energy flows are restricted. If there is unhealthy energy, your entire being can become sick or dysfunctional.

Your energy system is broken up into chakras, meridians, and acupoints.

Your 7 main chakras feed energy to nerves and major organs, as well as your psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being.

Your 12 meridians act like power lines or vessels. Each meridian is connected to a specific organ that it exchanges energy with. Therefore, the health of your energy directly affects the health of your organs.

Dotting your meridian vessels are 361 acupoints. These concentrated pools are where energy is able to flow through, enter more deeply, and exit. Each acupoint affects a different part of your physical, mental, and emotional health, and can be directly stimulated to release stuck and unhealthy energy for immediate improvement.

If any of these energy channels have too much unhealthy or blocked energy…

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Your energy system can become “sick” and dysfunctional just like your other systems…

In the same way you have blood flowing through your veins – and a clot can block the flow and cause serious health problems…

So too you have energy flowing through energy channels all over your body – and a block or unhealthy energy can affect multiple systems and cause serious health problems.

That’s why it’s critical to your overall health, and for healing specific issues, to clear damaging energy, and stimulate the flow of healthy energy every single day.

And the good news is that now this is easy for anyone to do themselves...

You just have to know how!

When your energy systems are clear and functioning in harmony and balance, your body is healthy. But when they’re not, your body is far more susceptible to illness and disease.

It’s that simple.

It’s sort of like gutters of a house blocked with leaves. When the rain comes, the runoff from the roof cannot drain properly, causing flooding in the house, basement or lawn. The cure is to simply remove the leaves from the gutter, and make sure that only clean water runs through the gutters from now on.

It’s the same idea when you’re “clearing” your energy systems of blocked, unhealthy energy so that only pure clean energy flows through your entire body.

Sounds woo woo and maybe even impossible, but it’s not any longer…

Even mainstream medical authorities such as UCLA Health says we can “adjust” a body’s energy so it heals the whole body.

It works by sending a signal to the body (using your own hands) to “turn on” the body’s own self-healing and regulatory mechanisms.

This has become such a simple, medically-validated way to heal the entire body, that as a naturopathic doctor and doctor of Psychology, I wanted to develop a way for YOU to move your own energy, so you can put yourself in self-heal mode every day.

Bringing you the most important health and wellness breakthrough of all time…

Dr. Alex Loyd’s compassion for those in need and willingness to help people at all costs makes him unlike anyone I have ever known. I’ve watched Dr. Alex dramatically improve the health of many people, producing measurable results physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Jordan S. Rubin, NMD, PhD

When I have a problem that’s not in my area of expertise, I call Dr. Alex! No one else anywhere does what he does, and after knowing and working with him for years, I trust him implicitly.

Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Alex offers a totally new perspective on the obstacles that can block our path to optimal health and wellness.

JJ Virgin

Hi, I’m Dr. Alex Loyd!

PhD in Psychology, Naturopathic Doctor, ND, New York Times bestselling author, and a pioneer in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology for more than two decades.

For years, I did private practice counseling and therapy until I figured out that it doesn’t work for most people.

I started my energy healing practice in a basement and today the success of helping people FULLY HEAL has been extraordinary. It’s why my healing methods are consistently practiced by millions of people worldwide, in 173 countries and 50 states.

Not only did I develop The Healing Codes, which according to my publishers is still the #2 energy healing method in the world today, I am the first to develop the one and only self-directed healing method that combines the top 12 most powerful energy healing methods of all time.

The newest version that you’ll see on this page gives you the ability to customize the energy healing for specific conditions, and it’s working nearly 100% for anyone who will just try it a few times.

Today much of my time is spent lecturing all over the world, and featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS News programs as an expert in healing the source issues underlying illness and disease.

I've also been featured in USA Today, People, Time Magazine, and other national and international print media. My work and I were the subject of a special that aired on PBS about healing the source of problems versus managing symptoms.

So what is the source of virtually every health problem you can name?

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How The Body’s Internal Energy Becomes Unhealthy, and Even Deadly...

What the mind forgets, the body remembers.

You’ve been experiencing life, even before you were born, and your body remembers it all!

In fact, your body actually stores memories. And each memory “vibrates” with either a positive, healthy frequency or a negative, unhealthy frequency.

When you were a child, I’m sure someone said something that really hurt your feelings at least once. Now, many years later, you’re not crying over that pain, but the memory of that emotion is stored in your body – affecting you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For example, I read an article in Psychology Today by Dr. Diana Raab that talked about a father who woke up every year on June 2 feeling very “off,” always experiencing stomach aches and a foggy head.

It took him a while to detect the pattern, but he finally realized that June 2 was the anniversary of his father’s cancer diagnosis. His brain had let go of the memories and sadness of that day, but his body had not released them.

Whether you’re aware of your memory’s energy force inside you or not, it stays in your body, on top of other memory’s energy that builds up over time.

The problems start when you don’t fully process stressful memories, and their trauma gets “lodged” in your body. When this unhealthy energy starts to outweigh healthy energy, that’s when imbalance, illness, and disease starts to set in.

Let me explain...

How Cellular Memories Can Destroy Your Health

The science of Quantum Physics – which investigates the tiniest particles in existence – has revealed that our bodies respond to invisible energy fields in the form of frequencies that imprint themselves as “cellular memories” inside cells.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a world-renowned leader in Cellular Biology and Quantum Physics, and best-selling author of The Biology of Belief, revealed that DNA responds to signals from outside the cells.

Electromagnetic signals that are produced by our senses, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as we experience the world send "messages" that reach the cells. As we constantly adjust to our environment in our mind, so do our cells.

In other words, our internal programming is adjusting every second of the day, and thus affecting the way we think and feel every second of the day.

It can be mostly positive, or mostly negative, depending on the energy of the cellular memories you carry in your body.

What happens when the energy building in your body is mostly negative due to stressful memories and ongoing stressful experiences that build up over time?

Stress Really Does Kill

If you’re alive reading this, then you probably have some degree of stress in your life. If you’re stressed out, you’re not alone.

Stress is affecting so many people in America, that HBO produced a documentary called, One Nation Under Stress showing the connection between our increasingly stressed-out nation and the fall in U.S. life expectancy.

Stress is making so many people suffer so often, that the World Health Organization classified stress as the #1 health epidemic of the 21st century.

It so bad that millions of people feel the effects of stress every day – which makes it hard to sleep, work, think, and even just have fun...

But here’s the really critical thing you should know about stress:

For more than 30 years, the Center For Disease Control, and virtually every doctor and scientist agree that stress – and the harmful energy chain of reactions it causes – is the source of 95% of all illness and disease.

It’s literally the driving force behind almost every health complaint – from the most common to the most complex.

In fact, research from top medical science institutions has discovered that disease manifests at an energy level long before it ever shows up physically.

When you experience stress of any kind – consciously or unconsciously – signals carrying negative frequencies of destructive energy reach the cells and cause mutation or “cell suicide” as they store the memory of:

Physical stress

from acidents, surgeries, abuse, etc...

Emotional stress

from heartache, fear, guilt, anger, etc…

Mental stress

from worry, low self-esteem, unworthiness, etc…

After a lifetime of stress-creating cellular memories that act like tiny radio frequencies transmitting harmful energy throughout the entire body, you can end up with more damaged cells than healthy ones.

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This explains why we see more disease “randomly” showing up as people age...

We used to think people somehow “came down” with certain diseases, but now we know that’s simply not true… Disease is not random at all.

Your cellular memories can mean the difference between a healthy life and death. Cancer can be the result of bad cellular memories replacing good ones.

Psychological trauma, addiction, and depression may all be caused by such abnormal memories inside cells.

Dr. Eric Nestler, MD, PhD Yale University and Mount Sinai Medical Center

Here’s something else you should know…

Most medical doctors agree that the immune system is capable of healing anything if it's not suppressed by stress. And it is a widely accepted belief that when your immune system is working correctly, it's impossible to get sick.

The problem is...Removing Damaging Stress From Your Body Hasn’t Been Easy (Until Now)

It took 7 years of testing, and 3,500 years’ worth of energy healing methods, to find the ONE method that could clear damaging stress so that ALL parts of you could heal.

In 2013, a 20 year-old girl in my workshop came up to me and said she desperately needed energy healing. By that age, she’d tried everything, but nothing was working to relieve her debilitating issues of ongoing stress, perfectionism, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances.

She told me she Googled “Energy Medicine” and 13 million sites came up! She also Googled “Energy Psychology” and 3 million sites came up. And then she looked at me and asked…

“Which one do I use?”

Her question got me thinking.

She was right… Literally she could try a different healing method every week, and in her lifetime, she would not have enough time to try them all!

Even if she found one that worked, how would she ever know if another one might work better for her particular issues?

Hmmm, I said, I’d never thought of that before. And that began my quest to develop…

THE ONE WAY to clear the entire body of even the tiniest health blocks…

In the years that followed, I looked at every healing method dating back 3,500 years! From ancient reiki, acupuncture, and shiatsu... to modern day’s tapping, 9 Gamut, and rapid eye movement therapy… and everything in between.

My research revealed that some energy healing methods worked well for physical health problems, but not for mental problems. Some worked well on mental health problems, but not physical or emotional.

This is clearly why people try one thing after another… looking for WHOLE HEALING… but never experience it.

Since my focus has always been Whole Life Healing, I wanted to develop ONE healing method that worked on all three parts of a human being: body, mind, and emotions.

So I spent years sifting, sorting, classifying, combining, and testing to find the absolute best healing methods ever discovered, and combine them for a “Trilogy Effect” – the true healing of all parts, like a team working together.

I immediately threw out methods developed by people who clearly didn’t know what they were doing, or just wanted to profit from taking advantage of people. Next I eliminated the methods that were similar to other methods, but not as good.

Finally, I produced my A+ list of the top 12 healing methods of all time. Only the proven best of the best made it on this list.

I also had to make sure that everyone could do these energy moving techniques using their own hands, which was the easy part.

The hardest part was, through trial and error, discovering that each of these healing methods would only work perfectly for maximum healing if you did them in a certain sequence and timing.

This was to be expected. After all, as a doctor I know that if you take certain medications at the same time, the results can be disastrous. You can get very sick and even die.

Energy Medicine won’t make you sick because the body simply won’t absorb energy that it doesn’t need. However, the SEQUENCE of moving energy through your body using these 12 different methods DOES MATTER. When they’re not combined correctly, they actually detract from each other.

Exhaustive testing produced the sequences that made each of the 12 different healing methods not only work in perfect harmony, but amplify each other, for maximum results. You get exponentially more healing power than any one by itself can give you.

After testing this new healing method with Stanford Professor Dr. William Teller at his personal testing lab, with a 98% success rate, we now have a way to reduce your unhealthy stress energy to as close to ZERO as possible – thus removing the CAUSE of 95% of all human dysfunction.

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The Ability To Clear And Reset Your Entire Energy System Is Now Literally At Your Fingertips!

Now, you can use your own hands to clear damaging energy out of your body, and stimulate the flow of healthy energy in every cell, tissue, organ, and system.

Since each sequence combines the essence and power of the top 12 healing methods of all time… instead of paying an acupuncturist… or a reiki practitioner… or any other energy moving therapist $80–$150 to do this for you, you can do it yourself. And practitioners typically only do 1 of the 12 on you in a session, not all 12 at once.

Though a lot of healing is happening behind each move you make, each healing sequence can be done in just a few minutes. That way – no matter how busy you are – you can EASILY put your body into self-heal mode everyday until you reach YOUR perfect health.

You can choose the general “all over body” healing sequence, or choose a certain sequence that’s been custom “coded” to heal a specific health condition.

Regardless, the results are absolutely magical.

Not only is it just like giving yourself a “daily energy tuneup” so you can think and feel as clear and vibrant as possible at all times...

This truly is as close to being able to “wipe your health slate clean” and reset your body to as close to perfect health as you can get!

Once you move stuck, damaging energy out of your body, your entire being shifts into a harmonious, stress-free state.

When stress is gone, and balance restored, your body’s innate capacity to heal itself “switches on” in full force…

Then and only then can your immune system start healing the source of each and every health problem you have (known and unknown to you).

How do you get your body in this state that can heal anything?

introducing trilogy for health

Complete, Custom Healing For Specific Issues, Using The Top 12 Energy Healing Methods Of All Time...

Trilogy was named for its power to heal and balance the energy that affects all three parts of you: body, mind, and emotions.

You may have heard of the first “general” version of Trilogy. It’s the all-over-body “sequence” using your own hands to move stuck, unhealthy energy out of your body, while at the same time stimulating the flow of healthy energy.

Trilogy for Health is DIFFERENT…

This is an exclusive, patent-pending therapy, and this is the ONLY place you can legally get it.

You get the all-over-body energy reset, PLUS hundreds of different sequences that are custom coded for specific health conditions using the top 12 healing methods ever discovered:


Chakras are energy centers or vortexes on the midline along the Governing and Conception vessels, both on front and back of the torso, from the base to the top of the head. They are like access and storage ports to the central river of energy. When they are open and in harmony with the other energy centers, they can boost our energy, and we feel great. If they are closed and/or not in harmony with the other centers, the energy flow stagnates, becomes toxic and starts to drain away.

The life energy comes into our energy system through the chakras, flows into the central river of energy and branches out into the meridians.


The Meridian System is a network of energy pathways through which the life energy (in eastern medicine known as “Chi-energy,” flows through our body. This is energy at the quantum level. They form an additional Circulation System (in addition to our blood circulation and lymphatic system). This energy sustains our entire body with life.

The meridian energy flow is a continual circulation, flowing in one direction from one meridian into the other in a specific order, connection and supplying every organ, tissue and cell with the life energy. As long as this energy flow is uninterrupted, the body can function in an optimal way. This life energy is impacted by feelings, thoughts and beliefs, and their energy is shared throughout the body by this energy circulation system. Stress and the results of stress can disrupt this energy flow, and as a result the meridians can get in overload or blocked, or even reversed (flowing in the wrong direction.)


Acupoints are locations on the meridians, where we can access and manipulate the energy flow in the meridians. They can be used by touch to open up, activate and rebalance the meridian flow. There are many acupoints on each meridian, touching the main ones at the beginning and end of each meridian will affect the entire meridian, including the organs, tissues and cells that are connected to that meridian.

Reiki-like therapy

The life energy flows into our body, through our body and eventually from our body. The quality of the energy as it flows in our body is affected by our feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Stagnation and disruption in the energy flow due to negative energy of stressful feelings, thoughts and beliefs cause at some point physical discomfort, or pain.

We can use our hands to direct the life energy that flows through our body to touch those areas in our body where we feel discomfort, pain. The life energy flows from our hands directly into the areas we touch and cause any stagnated energy to start flowing again, restore balance and relieve the body from the discomfort.

Governing Vessel

The main meridians of the meridian network are two central meridians which function like a storage place for the life energy and provide the meridian network with life energy.

The Governing Vessel is one of the two central meridians, also referred to as the central river of energy. It starts at the end of the tailbone, runs up on the back midline of the body, over the spine and ends at the upper lip. Its main function is to store energy and collect the used energy for storage before it is released from the body.

Together, the Governing Vessel and the Conceptual Vessel form the central river of energy, or "energy highway.” It's the main energy river, and the other meridians would be like branches flowing out of the main river.

This river of energy can be good, positive, healthy energy that is flowing abundantly and unobstructed. It gives life to our cells, our organs, our meridians, our systems. If it is negative energy, if it is obstructed or flowing in the wrong direction, it causes a problem, just like the meridians.

Conception Vessel

Conception Vessel is the second of the two central meridians, also referred to as the central river of energy. It starts at the bottom of the pubic bone and runs up over the midline of the torso and ends at the lower lip. Its main function is to store used energy before it is released from the body.

Together, the Governing Vessel and the Conceptual Vessel form the central river of energy, or "energy highway.” It's the main energy river, and the other meridians would be like branches flowing out of the main river.

This river of energy can be good, positive, healthy energy that is flowing abundantly and unobstructed. It gives life to our cells, our organs, our meridians, our systems. If it is negative energy, if it is obstructed or flowing in the wrong direction, it causes a problem, just like the meridians.

Healing Code 1

The Healing Codes System activates a physical healing mechanism in the body, that is responsible for turning the stress response (also known as fight or flight) on or off. An overactive stress response will eventually make us sick. A pain memory that is triggered sends out a stress signal. That signal turns the stress mechanism on and as a result turns the thrive mechanism down or off. We use the life energy flowing from our fingertips and direct them to four healing centers in the head in a specific order and combination, to stop the stress signal from the painful memory and to remove it, and heal the memory.

Healing Code 2

Healing Codes 2 is an extension of healing codes 1 and activates additional healing centers (the brainstem and prefrontal cortex and the Vagus nerve from the central nervous system), in a specific order, while addressing painful memories sending out their unconscious and conscious feelings, thoughts and beliefs, and their impact on the body.

Eye movement therapies

Rapid eye movement is a natural and built in physical mechanism to process memories and release stressful thoughts and feelings. We do it all the time in our sleep (known as the REM phase in our sleep). This mechanism is programmed to keep us healthy. When we are awake and think about stressful things, our eyes start to automatically move rapidly by default. We use this mechanism to consciously allow our eyes to move rapidly while thinking of something stressfully in order to release the stressful feelings and thoughts.


Breathing is another built in physical mechanism affected by our feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Stress causes irregular breathing. We use irregular breathing while addressing the stressful feelings and thoughts, to help the body release the stress-energy and restore its balance.


This is where we simply acknowledge what we are feeling, thinking and believing, and turn any negative thought into a prayer, asking God to transform our wrong beliefs into healthy beliefs, and to be open and willing to believe the truth about a stressful issue.

Releasing Statements:

Releasing Statements is a process of changing the way we feel and think when we are stuck. We cannot simply stop thinking a negative thought and replace it with a positive thought by conscious will. Releasing Statements allow us to process those gradually, until we can honestly and truly release the negative and believe the positive. The series of statements help us to identify what blocks us from releasing our stressful feelings, thoughts and beliefs. We start right there at the blockage and follow the steps. At each step we can pause and use all the healing modalities mentioned above until we can release that blockage and are ready for the next step in the process.

WOW! That’s a lot of healing squeezed into one healing method! And the more you do Trilogy, the more you move towards perfect health.

Clears, activates, and harmonizes the energy in every cell and system in your body.

Targets underlying destructive memories that cause internal stress and damage.

Significantly and even completely eliminates your internal stress (testing showed 98% of the time).

Gives you customized healing for specific health issues (Trilogy for Health only).

When you follow my simple instructions to move your energy through your entire system using your own hands, the combination of the world’s most powerful healing techniques work synergistically to give you COMPLETE healing of...

Trauma, brain, cells, tissues, organs, all systems, including the nervous system, memories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, actions, behaviors, habits, addictions, and virtually every health condition you can name.

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How To Use Custom Trilogy Sequences To Heal The Source Of ANY Health Condition

Think of owning Trilogy for Health like having an Encyclopedia or Swiss Army Knife of healing.

Any time you or a family member has a health issue (physical, mental, or emotional), you simply look up your issue in the Trilogy for Health manual index, go to the page or demo video for that particular sequence, and follow my lead as I guide you step-by-step through each the sequence.

In minutes the healing begins, and sometimes it only takes one session to feel noticeable, if not complete relief.

For example, let’s say you have a headache…

You simply look up “headache” in the index of the Trilogy for Health manual to get the customized sequence that gets rid of your headache.

If you’re about to give a big presentation or are in any other kind of stress-inducing situation, go to the index and look up “anxiety”... and you’ll find the Custom Trilogy sequence for anxiety.

It works for the most common everyday issues, like pain, insomnia, heartburn, allergies, and all those “mystery illnesses”…

And it works for the biggest, most complex health issues, including Stage 4, degenerative, and “remission” conditions – even if you’ve had them for decades or your entire life!

Think of Trilogy for Health like your Healing Bible or Physicians Desk Reference for anything you might suffer from, for the rest of your life, and the life of every family member you have. Trilogy is easy to share, so your loved ones can stay healthy too!

No matter which Trilogy sequence your body needs on any given day, they’re simple to do and take only a few minutes.

As you adjust your energy every day, you gradually reset your entire body to be filled with only healthy healing energy, instead of unhealthy damaging energy.

Without this damaging stress energy radiating through every system and cell in your body, you can finally experience what it's like to be as close to perfect health as possible.

I've had migraines for over 20 years, and now they’re completely gone. Now that I’m doing Trilogy, I haven't had a migraine in months, and I would usually get at least one per week. I'm telling everyone I know about the Trilogy now, and they are all thanking me. One of them had a tumor shrink significantly, another had acid reflux go away. I don't quite understand why this works so well, but it's the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.

Jason T.

Does Trilogy for Health Actually Work? Yes, World-Renowned Stanford Physicist Shows It's 98% Effective...

You may have heard or used my very first energy healing method called The Healing Codes, which still has an 86% healing success rate on real people.

Then, after developing and testing my first “general” version of Trilogy for several years, it’s proven to have a consistent 98% effective rate.

Now with the Custom Trilogy sequences that directly target specific health conditions, the effects are even greater.

Trilogy’s ability to remove unhealthy energy and stimulate healthy energy so that people can start to experience perfect health has been tested and shown to be 98% effective on real people.

Dr. William Tiller, PhD, Stanford and I tested people with different health issues using 3 different tests:

1) heart rate variability

2) pulse

3) 0-10 emotional distress rating for each issue

Heart rate variability is the medical test for stress. It’s also a way to measure resilience and behavioral flexibility.

At Dr. Tiller’s lab, I performed Trilogy on each person and then re-took the same 3 tests.

The results were astonishing, and immediate.

Within 10 minutes, every single person had reduced their 0-10 emotional distress rating by 6 or more points. And their pulse and heart rate variability had normalized.

In other words, they had as close to ZERO STRESS as you can get!

As you now know, once you remove internal stress from the body, you remove the source of 95% of all disease.

In addition, without this stress affecting your immune system, it can heal anything, as it’s designed to, and so health issues just “go away.”

Regardless of anything else you may have tried in the past or in the future, one this is for sure…

Trilogy lowers your physiological stress and health vulnerabilities faster than anything else can...

As I continue to test Trilogy on people, I’m seeing even better results with consistent reductions in internal stress, especially emotional distress. And that’s because the more you do Trilogy, the more you improve and heal towards perfect health.

In fact, 100% of the people who I’ve tested say Trilogy gave them their biggest health breakthrough because they were finally able to HEAL the source of their problems – physical, mental, and emotional (even serious ones).

For example, I’d been working with a very sick man for 4 years, but he was still battling a serious Stage 4 health condition, along with asthma, and a deadly skin disease.

Then, after doing Custom Trilogy sequences for EACH of his specific health issues, he completely healed.

Today he is 100% free of every major health problem he had.

In another case, a two-time suicide survivor was burdened with painful emotions. She used the Trilogy method and in just two sessions, her anxiety and depression reduced to zero.

I am a Licensed Psychologist who also integrates the best complementary techniques I can find. After practicing for 35 years, I’ve pretty much "seen it all." Like most other therapists, I keep learning new things because nothing works best for everything and every person.

Until Now!

What Dr. Alex has developed is practically the only thing I use now because it works every time, on everyone, for every issue. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime. My only concern is that it works so well, I might lose all my clients. However the opposite has happened. They’re telling everyone they know, so I have more clients than ever, and they're ALL getting better.

I believe they will be teaching Trilogy in medical schools 10 years from now.

Elizabeth M.
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The Only Way You'll Ever Know... Is To Try It

You don't have to completely understand how Trilogy works to feel it’s deep healing. It’s the same with every brand new breakthrough that’s ever happened.

For example, none of us can imagine a world with no cavities... However, that’s now coming since a doctor has discovered that a certain Alzheimer’s drug stimulates the teeth to repair themselves, making cavities a thing of the past!

3,500 years ago even before Christianity was formed, there was acupuncture and other natural therapies, and many called it magic or witchcraft back then.

Today, not only acupuncture, but the entire field of Energy Medicine is scientifically proven and widely accepted as a common medical practice, even by many of the most conservative Western medical doctors.

Why? Because with time, science advances, and new ways to heal are proven to work!

At first we didn’t quite understand how these energy moving methods helped the body to self-heal, but in time our powerful imaging technology has helped us SEE energy and how it either helps or disrupts the body.

Now… you can change your health by changing your energy. You don’t need to pay a practitioner because you can move your body’s energy using your own hands…

You just need to know how!

My son, who has extreme ADHD, had a huge meltdown temper tantrum yesterday. When this happens, there's been nothing we can do. We've tried it all. Basically we just have to let him wear himself out.

So I bribed him to do Trilogy one time. It was an absolute MIRACLE!!! After 3 minutes, Jess was calm and happy. Nothing like this has ever happened in his life. He's now asking to do Trilogy once a day. This was well worth the price. Actually, I consider this a very inexpensive miracle.

Miriam S.

100% Guaranteed

As a doctor, I took my own Hippocratic Oath promising to apply all measures that are required to help prevent disease whenever I can, and to help as many people as possible.

I do not just see a fever chart, or a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability.

Therefore, not only will I offer this healing tool at a price that’s accessible to all...

I personally guarantee that Trilogy for Health will work for you, or your money back, no questions asked.

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There’s no guesswork… You’ll get both the printed instructions in the manual, and demo videos with me personally guiding you through the Trilogy sequences. Just follow my lead and let the healing begin!

This complete Trilogy for Health package includes quick and easy access to:

  • My general, all-over-body Trilogy sequence (video & written instructions)
  • Step-by-step demo videos guiding you through Custom Trilogy sequences
  • Written step-by-step instructions of every Custom Trilogy sequence
  • Easy health condition reference guide – immediately find the Custom Trilogy sequence to heal virtually any problem you’ll ever have
  • Free weekly live Q&A virtual program
  • My library of Trilogy research and testing (proven and fascinating)
  • Background information on top 12 healing methods of all time, which are in every Trilogy sequence
  • Unconditional 1-year money back guarantee for any reason

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Why is this decision so critical to your health today, and tomorrow?

Remember… for more than 30 years, the Center For Disease Control, and virtually every doctor and scientist agree that stress is the source of 95% of all illness and disease – physical, mental, and emotional. Stress affects EVERYTHING in your body every second of the day.

The more time goes by, the more damaging stress is allowed to build up throughout your energy system, which then affects every other system in your body.

Now however, Trilogy for Health gives you a quick and easy way to move damaging energy out of your body, and at the same time, stimulate the flow of healthy energy. It takes only a few minutes to do the Trilogy sequence you need to heal the source of your particular health issues.

Do Trilogy every day to reduce your internal stress to as close to ZERO STRESS as possible... and keep it there! I guarantee you'll love experiencing your transformation towards perfect health, or your money back.

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$147 “New Day New Life” Special Offer Unconditional 1-year money back guarantee

The future of medicine is here now…